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Qualitative pH Tests

These papers do not require the need for a colour chart as their purpose is to demonstrate qualitative analysis in a simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ manner. They will not provide accurate pH measurement, but will change from one colour to another at a set pH value, depending on the paper. These user friendly test papers are suitable for many industrial and educational applications.

Whether it is for the determining the presence of strong oxidisers e.g. free chlorine, Johnson Test Papers offers litmus papers for the routine management of acid or alkaline reactions in industry.

Product pH range
qual Litmus Blue Paper pH < 7 red /> blue
Litmus Neutral Paper Litmus Neutral Paper pH < 7 red / > 7 blue
Litmus Red Paper Litmus Red Paper pH < 7 red/ > 7 blue
qual Congo Red Paper pH < 3 blue-violet / pH > 5 red-orange
qual Turmeric Paper pH < 6,8 yellow / pH > 8.6 red
qual Clayton Yellow Paper pH < 12.0 yellow / pH > 13.0 red
qual Brilliant Yellow Paper pH < 6.6 yellow / pH > 8.4 red
qual Phenolphthalein Paper pH < 8.4 white / pH > 9.6 red
qual Methyl Orange Paper pH < 3.0 red/ pH > 4.4 yellow