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  • Brexit policy statement

    In order to best be prepared for the forthcoming events relating to the Brexit scheduled departure on 29th March 2019, Johnson Test Papers Ltd will constantly monitor and evaluate information from the goverment, media, customers, suppliers and staff to ensure that we minimise any risk to our customers and ourselves.

    In this regard we will endeavor to:

    • Ensure our staff are able to undertake any increase in corporate customs infrastructure.
    • Investigate options regarding Authorised Economic Operator or similar schemes as announced.
    • Map and audit supply chains to minimise disruption.
    • Audit any international contracts.
    • Ensure adequate cash flow for VAT and additional inventory.
    • Develop a contingency plan (alternative shipping arrangements).
    • Continue to be aware of our employees nationalities to ensure after Brexit all are employed legally and their rights understood.
    Brexit policy statement