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    Wet-strengthened Qualitative Filter Papers

    Wet-strengthened filter papers are manufactured from a majority of alpha-cellulose. The smooth surface allows for fibre free filtration. They feature a high wet strength and can also be used in the filtration of strong alkaline or acid solutions. Due to their high mechanical strength, they are suited to applications where the residue is removed from the filter, for example with a spatula or a jet of water.


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    Grade 322

    - Fast Filtration
    Application :

    Economical filter paper used in schools and as bench protective paper

    Grade 323

    - Fast Filtration
    Application :

    Clarification of sugar cane juice after addition of lead acetate

    Grade 324

    - Fast, creped
    Application :

    For clarification of essential oils

    Grade 325

    - Very Fast Filtration
    Application :

    Filter paper used for all general works in laboratories

    Available Grades
    Grade Whatman Equivalent Speed Thickness (mm) Pore Size (μM) Weight (g/m²) Filtration Speed (sec*) Burst Strength (kg/cm²)
    Grade: 322 Whatman Equivalent: = No.93 Speed: Fast Filtration Thicness (mm): 0.15 Pore size: 10-20 Weight: 64 Filtration speed (sec*): 50 Burst strength (kg/cm²): 1.45
    Grade: 323 Whatman Equivalent: = No.91 Speed: Fast Filtration Thicness (mm): 0.14 Pore size: 20-30 Weight: 64 Filtration speed (sec*): 30 Burst strength (kg/cm²): 1.6
    Grade: 324 Whatman Equivalent: = No.113 Speed: Fast, creped Thicness (mm): 0.45 Pore size: 45-65 Weight: 140 Filtration speed (sec*): 14 Burst strength (kg/cm²): 1.8
    Grade: 325 Whatman Equivalent: = No.114 Speed: Very Fast Filtration Thicness (mm): 0.17 Pore size: 17-30 Weight: 73 Filtration speed (sec*): 22 Burst strength (kg/cm²): 1.25