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    What is Cellulose Nitrate?

    We offer sterile and non-sterile versions of cellulose nitrate membranes, with a variety of diameters and pore sizes (from 0.1 to 8 µm). Cellulose nitrate is a material routinely used in the manufacture of membrane filters.

    Another important feature of these membranes is their high non-specific adsorption behaviour which makes them suitable for many blotting procedures and for diagnostic kits. The adsorption decreases with increasing pore size. In combination with paper chromatography, Johnson Test Papers' Cellulose Nitrate Membranes are particularly suitable in identification procedures on samples of components of nucleic acids and proteins by transfer techniques.

    In dry atmosphere the maximum thermal stability is 80°C it can also be autoclaved.

    Our membranes are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions. During production, we check every single membrane and pack prior to shipping. Cellulose nitrate membranes feature very narrow pore size distribution, low levels of extractables, and increased temperature stability. Filter identification and batch numbers are printed on each individual pack. Sterile, individually packed membrane filters are standard for routine microbiological control. All gridded membranes are made of cellulose nitrate which guarantees excellent retention and colony growth. The grid size is 3.1 x 3.1 mm and can be supplied in black and white colours. White membranes with black grids are used for colony growth. Grey/black membranes with white grids are used for the detection of yeast and moulds. We also offer non-sterile, gridded membranes in standard packing for particle counting and microscopy.

    For additional information on OEM specific applications, Johnson Test Papers has the product breadth and flexibility to meet your needs, as well as the quality standards to help ensure your success. Contact us to discuss application requirements, request free product samples and order products.

    Sterilisation Compatability Thickness Extractable Wettability Maximum Operating Temperature Pore Size Range
    Sterilization: Autoclave, ɣ-radiation (25 KGɣ) or with ethylene dioxide Thickness: 110 - 170 μM Extractable: <2% Wettability: Hydrophilic Maximum operating temperature: 80°C Pore size range: 0.22 μm - 8 μm
    Technical Specification
    Product Code Pore Size (μM) Minimum Bubble Point (psi) Typical Flow Rate (mL/min·cm²@0.07Mpa)
    CNM047020 0.22 0.3 15
    CNM047045 0.45 0.2 40